Story is what ties people together. It’s not just for reading great books, it actually forms ethos and philosophy for any movement. When you get your own story it dictates your values, and action steps for growth.

It’s the song you’re taught to sing so make it your own and carry it through life. Steve Jobs understood the story of Apple. He not only made it his own, but made it our story as well. Fairy Tales, the classics, stories of David and Goliath or the Tortoise and the Hare serve as symbols for motivation and transformation. Here at Kenton Media Productions we get story. We help you understand yours and tell your stories through the power of digital media.

Story telling comes in all forms: visually, verbally, and written. Whether it is a company brand, a commercial for a product, or a documentary. The value of story telling is essential for communicating to any audience. Without a design or story boarding the images and words will not make sense.

Here we have a gifted team of story boarders, writers, and visual artists. Many of whom are multi-vocational thus bringing a wide range of experience to the table. You can read more about our team here: