With the ever changing technology of smart devices, their site has gone through 3 upgrades.    

It became evident that social media was the next best platform for “sharing” their work and therefore Sasen Renovations needed some basic equipping to integrate this with their marketing team.

We were also able to consult and help them with marketing to their target audience.  We continued to work with them in telling their stories and helping capture several video stories of projects and client stories like this one.

What I love about working with Sasen is seeing all they do. They work closely with the best architects and designers to build great spaces and match their contractors based on what a job requires or the style that a client wants. Matthew himself has mentored many of his employees in management, project planning, and job and quote estimates as well. Sasen Renovations’ clients see the results and we had the privilege to catch some of that in our work for them.  Check them out sometime, see what they are doing, and join them in their charitable work.

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