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Please come on by for our annual event on

December 6

11 AM – 5 PM

at our north vancouver studio office  (map below).

This year, donations will go toward two things:

  • The completion of an indie feature film LA CONNER P.D.: THE BIG ELVIS FILE (see details below)
  • The Ashlyn Reinstra Fund

Ashlyn is a 19 year old teenager from La Conner, WA who was diagnosed

with 2 types of leukaemia this year.  She had a few cameos in our film.

You can visit her Facebook page here.

Whatever you would like to give towards this project and fund would be great.


Come in & Relax and Wait your Turn

or make a Studio Time Reservation for day:

If you want to block out 15-30 minutes on Saturday, email us at or leave a message at 604.987.7504.

Read below about movie and giving (crowd funding incentives).   Thanks for your support!




Studio lighting with choice of Vanity Grey, Blue or White or Vintage Background

YOU GET all Proofs printable up to 8X10 (20 per person/group)snowglobe

4X6 print samples on day off until printer breaks.

Props: We have some Christmas Props for Ya!

ABOUT THE MOVIE & Crowd Funding Thank You Gifts:

The story was created and written by Guy Vallee about 2 big city cops hiding from the mob in small town set in the late 70’s.

He wrote this in honour if his Brother Peter “Big Elvis” Vallee who is turning 50 and getting his Star in Las Vegas.

I was asked by Guy Vallee to direct this and co-produce it with him.

Sneak Peak as as the movie is in post and as things progress:

Coming soon:

– Donations of $50 gets a DVD of the movie

– Donations of $100 gets a DVD and ticket to our Vancouver Premiere in the spring 2015

98% of the movie is shot and 75% paid for. We just need to finish our post production work and get in 2 pick up footage for our green screen insert and we are having fun!

Here is first of three trailers.  This one was written by Guy Vallee for his brother to advertise it in Vegas.




197 Forester St. Suite 206, North Vancouver

Take the DOLLARTON EXIT and stay on Dollarton until you see the 4 story DOMINION CONSTRUCTION BUILDING (that is ours)

Take a right into the parking lot, we are across of Laser Dome.  Use Private elevator (not the main one).  Look for our sign as we are on the north end of the building.