Tracey approached me about doing a project for her daughter’s school. I met Tracey and her fellow chairperson, Eva, for coffee. I heard their personal stories and why they love this school and why they were running the annual Kenneth Gordon Maplewood School Gala.

As I walked away from my time with them, ideas began to brew.  With time and a some limitations, we had to shoot smart and creatively.

Good news, we got 80% of what I had envisioned with them. However 100% of it was the intention I had hoped for despite going over by 2 minutes (it is a 6 minute piece).

What is most moving was the surprisingly blunt and brutal honesty and generosity of the interviewees.

When we got a few emails back from Tracey and Eva saying they were moved to tears by the work we were able to do for them, it stopped me in my tracks.

Creative work comes in waves and sometimes you do not have the chance to step back and listen and be reminded of the big picture.  They did that. They helped me step back. I stopped and I saw.

This school is a powerful community of people committed to empowering young people. They are helping young people become successful and be prepared to press on in life and recognize their uniqueness of learning differently.

They are leading the way in teaching young people self advocacy.

I am privileged to see education done in a way that transforms young people, families and a person’s future.

Good people doing good work is so powerful.

Kenneth Gordon Maplewood School is for students who learn differently.

To support or donate to their school and bursary fund, go to http://kgms.kgms.ca/support-us/.