Aloha! Shalom! Welcome!

Mahalo for stopping by and visiting our blog.

I write using “we” or “our” to include myself, the creative director, and my colleagues and friends that will contribute to the sharing here.

What you will find in our blog:

  • Stories about “story”
  • Inspirations
  • Write up and interviews
  • Cheesy and not so cheesy reflections
  • Passionate and compassionate rants
  • Reviews
  • Great ideas

I hope you laugh, cry, and forgive us for being long-winded or if we forget to make a mention here or there. Most of all, we hope you enjoy.

First, mahalo (thank you in Hawaiian) to my partners in crime, my sister for her editing help here and those I am enlisting to help tell stories.

Thank you to my wife who challenges me to be brief but thoughtful and inspires me with her love for books.

Kudos to my little girl who writes and creates little books of stories of her own.

She bugs me daily to make up a new fan fiction story (based off my love for the Harry Potter series).

Please write back on Facebook (we are getting better at this) or Twitter (still working on it) or drop us an email.  Love to hear what you are working on and your stories too.

Much Aloha (look it up, great word) and welcome to our site.